36067 Business Development Jobs

Business development encompasses a number of activities, techniques, and strategies designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity in a business organization or firm. We want to be a flagship company not only in terms of the technology but also in the social standing we have in all the countries we operate in. About 1% of our revenues are spent on community projects, primarily on education and health, and often at really low-level integration-for example providing supplies to maternity hospitals in Zambia or building a new school in rural Sierra Leone.business developmentbusiness development

This is not just about the 6,000 or so jobs that we have directly created in Africa, or about the possible 60,000 jobs through the distribution of cards and phones and so on, it is about what those six million Celtel subscribers can do with a phone that they could not do before.

An effective business development approach is to encompass several major steps in the evaluating process including: your identification of the opportunity; what are your committed resources; the actual development of your business proposal; market evaluation; competition; and your time restraints.

In most cases, you hire a business development consultant to help you solve a specific problem or more often help you define a plan of action for taking you where you want to go. In such cases, you want someone who can deliver in writing a road map for future activities.business development

A particular interest will be taken into how business development activities differ across company sizes and growth stages, from early-stage startups to fully-grown companies, and the various institutions that can support companies on their paths to growth.