5 Different Jobs With An International Business Degree (2)

The options ahead of you are quite varied, depending on where or what you decide to specialize in. Here are five different jobs available for someone with an international business degree Please note that many of these positions are only obtainable after receiving an advanced degree. The course will be drawing upon a number of business dilemmas and cases, e.g. real-time cases, which will allow students to follow current development in the media of economic, financial and business-related interest and draw on different types of media for input in terms of vocabulary, analytical assignments etc.

At the federal government level, the International Trade Administration provides assistance and advice to exporters in the U.S. Job titles can include international trade specialist, international economist, economist, and import compliance specialist.

Secondary education diplomas obtained in countries whose educational institution is not officially recognized in the Netherlands, will be forwarded to the NUFFIC, The Netherlands’ Organization for International Co-operation in Higher Education, in The Hague.

It analyses the regulation of multinational enterprises, international contracts (with particular emphasis on the Convention on the International Sales of Goods – CISG and the EU legislation), as well as international dispute resolution in the shape of litigation and arbitration.international business

The course provides a basic understanding of the legal framework within which international businesses operate, enables the students to analyse it and explores the rules that govern it. The course looks at private law background to international business transactions.international businessinternational business