About Small Fry Planes

AnacortesWashington-my-Home-Town-768x574Hello world, my name is Anthony Brown.

I live in the great state of Oregon and I reside in Portland, Oregon to be exact. I was born and raised in Anacortes, Washington. I moved to Portland right after high school when I was 19 years old, to pursue a career and possibly even go to school. Now I have been here for 6 years or more and I love it. I live downtown in the Pearl District where I am walking or Max (rail) distance from everything Portland has to offer. My hometown, Anacortes was very small with a population of 16,000. I still love and miss the small town atmosphere, but every bird needs to leave the nest some day. Moving to Portland was exciting; coming from a small town it gave me a chance to experience a new lifestyle and only a 4-hour drive away from my family.

I originally planned on moving to Seattle, Washington, but it didn’t really feel like the right city for me. It was too big, busy, and too much traffic. After spending a day in Seattle and then Portland it really makes you appreciate Portland much more. Where it’s not as big as Seattle, not as busy, driving is much easier, and the people are nicer.

All right, well enough chitchat on which city is better. I love Portland and I’m here to stay. Now let me share more about this blog and myself. I’ve spent six years in Portland and still have not made an attempt at school or a long lasting career. I have worked in numerous restaurants as a server, then a cocktail waitress, and now a bartender. Don’t worry, I wont tell you which bar I work at so you can stock me. So yes, still finding out what I want to do with life, but I’m actually happy with how it’s going. I work 5 days a week and explore Oregon on my off days.

Small Fry Planes is my blog dedicated to Oregon and all of the fun adventures it has to offer. I love my job because it gives me the time off to travel and explore all of Oregon’s secrets, nooks and crannies. Feel free to browse my blog or shoot me an email if you would like some suggestions for your next adventure.