BSc Business Management

Each company possesses a certain type of style in regards to how they run their day to day operations. This provides an introduction to business strategy and an opportunity to reflect on why it is important and how it should be put into practice. You will be encouraged to attend events organised by professional bodies for business and management and in particular those who accredit our management

Our BA (Hons) Business Management course features exciting international visits, world-renowned industry speakers and real-life projects so your career can start the minute you walk through our doors. The panel members evaluate the Business Plan and allocate marks based on the presentation and the contents of the Business plan.

The assessment provides you with the opportunity to utilise the theoretical frameworks in a hypothetical business scenario of your choice. Business and Management courses offer students a chance to work on their leadership skills and learn how to apply their expertise in a business management

Students will also develop an understanding of the environment in which management practices operate and change, thereby developing an understanding of the strategic and operational issues relating to the management of organisational space. A business and management course can lead to a number of job opportunities, from running a successful call centre agency to managing major corporate business dealings.

This course will introduce third year students to key concepts and topics in innovation management research from a critical perspective as well as exploring the application of those ideas to management practice. They must be skilled or experienced in marketing, company law, strategy, finance, proposal management or capture management