BSc In International Business

During Clearing, we consider your whole application and experience to date – not just your exam results. The course will also address the special role of English as a business lingua franca, which has implications for both native and non-native users of English. Our leadership program is informed by consultation with 100 of the world’s leading CEOs, and our faculty have real-world business experience. With an international business degree, you’ll be equipped with a global focus across different functional areas of business

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is a UK organisation responsible for managing applications to university and college. The Bachelor’s degree programme in International Business prepares you for a management position in an international environment. The content of the degree programme provides an up-to-date understanding of modern management businessinternational business

Using the concepts and frameworks discussed in the course, sketch responses to these challenges and opportunities, and reason why those responses would pass the good business ethics” test of critical observers. Students with a clear aptitude and skill in a business environment may be able to benefit from generous scholarships and bursary awards made purely on the basis of academic merit.

The course will highlight the international dimension through using a broad range of examples form Europe, the US, Asia-Pacific and elsewhere. Practical training can also be done anywhere in the world; you are free to arrange your training placements to suit your own international career plans. Our teaching is industry-led, inspired by contemporary practice and developed in partnership with business leaders. An international economist does this on an international level and not just domestically.

How international companies are organised and operated is also one of the things you will learn. Critically discuss the role of business in society, in the context of globalised markets and internationally active firms. It will prepare you for the world of international business while allowing you to specialise in a chosen area. Assess strategies of operations management and their impact on domestic and international organizations.