Business Intelligence (BI) Tools & Software

The term Business Intelligence (BI) refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information. ASPs were a very popular investment target during the dotcom era, but not much ever came of the business model. The company which developed the computer software that your business uses to collect and store its information will often be able (and very willing) to supply BI consultancy. Software should have self-service functionality and the ability to display information and reports in a way that the average business person can intelligence

Distributing this knowledge throughout the organisation to people at all levels of the business in focused, personalised and easily usable solutions will be the key to moving Beyond Business Intelligence. Deliver commercial advantages to the business through the provisioning of faster, cleaner, more complete analytics. It doesn’t mean anything without you, the entrepreneur, and your growing intelligence

Unlike other vendors who require users to build Spark-specific data integration logic – and often require Java development skills – with Pentaho you only need to design your logic once, regardless of execution engine. Of all of the cellular devices open to access the BI solutions, the ipad may be the preferred program for applying Mobile Business intelligence

In addition to the gathering and interpretation of data, today’s business environment calls upon the analyst to communicate the results of data analysis to a variety of audiences. There is of course additional work to be done refining business rules as the DQ improves.

Trabajar en algunas de las áreas de mayor futuro y crecimiento dentro del mundo de la informática: Business Intelligence, Big Data y el Open Source. Nick oversees the Devex team that helps clients find business information through surveys and other market intelligence.