Entrepreneurship In The 21st Century

Graduates with both academic abilities and practical experience in a real business environment are much in demand and can have a significant advantage in today’s competitive employment market. Nonlinear management – (NLM) superset of management techniques and strategies that allows order to emerge by giving organizations the space to self-organize, evolve and adapt, encompassing Agile, Evolutionary and Lean approaches, as well as many others.business managementbusiness management

Internet, which has opened the boundaries, we can trade on it, communicate on it and advertise on it, in the whole world within seconds, Easy and quick travel methods and reduction in barriers to enter new places, a British passport holder can enter 173 countries in the world without a visa or a on arrival visa and also, Saturated markets forces business to move to different markets, where the cost of production is lower.

To help you develop a rounded understanding of business activity in a fast changing world, and keep pace with the career choices this presents, the BSc Business Management degree looks at every size and type of organisation; from entrepreneurial start ups to those in the non-profit driven sector, small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to true global players.

It builds on previous units, in particular Managing the Product and Marketing Research, but takes you further in the development of their marketing knowledge, introducing the concept of a hierarchy of strategies from the corporate to the business module level.business management

You will consider perspectives on the identification and management of corporate social responsibility, including the complex and often contested business case for it, and how this is often tied into, and justified, in terms of the economic context within which the organisation operates.