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Insurance coverage that protects businesses from losses due to events that may occur during the normal course of business. Chubb Accident & Health provides a range of insurance and risk products and solutions for businesses, scholastic institutions, affinity programs and more. Public Liability Insurance protects your business against claims for any injury or damage your business activities may cause to another person or their property. To find out what Heffernan can do for your business, please contact Heffernan Insurance Brokers insurance

While you may think you are getting the right insurance that meets your needs, it is imperative that you believe the insurance company. In today’s litigious society, people are quick to file lawsuits when suffering any loss, damage to their property, or injury due to the negligence of a business. This insurance covers employees in the case of accidents related to their insurance

We realize that can be an unsatisfying answer, so let’s take a look at what Insureon customers pay for their commercial insurance. Before you sign your commercial lease, have your insurance agent read it and prepare a quote to consider. Comprehensive insurance will also reimburse you if your windshield is cracked or insurance

Learn more about Business Insurance jargon and some of the day-to-day terms used within the Business Insurance industry. The New York Times article discussed the fact that homeowners insurance under a standard policy does not cover the removal of a bed bug infestation. If you know someone who is committing insurance fraud, call NICB, Arson Control or the HEAT® program.

If one of your customers sues you because you’ve damaged their property, or they claim you haven’t fulfilled your duties, professional indemnity insurance to the rescue to cover your legal fees. Insurance brokers can save you money, as they can negotiate with insurers to get the best prices. No. Protection benefits are extended only to insurance claims valid in Malaysia and legal expense coverage too applies only to legal actions initiated by third parties in Malaysia.