Go Global With International Business

Global trading—importing, exporting, sourcing parts overseas, and building markets—is regular business now. A core set of managerial and economic modules has been complemented with strategic, quantitative, technological, intercultural and legal modules in order to ensure a comprehensive perspective on international business. The many successful graduates from our program speak to the quality of education at Humber The Business School. Your Birmingham degree is evidence of your ability to succeed in a demanding academic environment.international business

You will spend Year 3 abroad at a partner university, completing and passing a full year’s diet of examinable subjects (equivalent to 120 credits), the majority of which will be in Business. You will need to apply by 1 July in your first year at UC. (Note: some applications are as early as 31 May.) For further information consult the interactive degree plans for the International Business major.

QUT’s international business major is distinguished by an emphasis on industry skills covering trade procedures, logistics, negotiation techniques, languages, regional understanding and offshore business strategies. The course is also related to international business and/or economics since the small cases focus on global strategies of multi-national firms, on global markets and on national markets in different countries.

Students who choose to enroll in a college training degree program in International Business will participate in intensive courses, focused classes and career preparation training that will prepare them for successful careers. Formulate international business strategies that assess costs, benefits, risks, opportunities, and that address organizational goals and external trends. Hymer and Dunning are considered founding fathers of international business as a specialist field of study.international business

A course will typically start by providing you with basic and general understanding of the topic and then go on to the specific international aspects. Have the ability to generate management-relevant insights into how marketing theories and models can help firms create a sustainable competitive advantage in domestic and international markets. The program consists of specialisation modules focused on solving advanced business problems.international business