International Business Degree

This program provides general foundational business knowledge as well as specialized international business training. By one hand when I talk about security, I think that is worth recalling a memorable date for international aviation security, that date is September 11, 2001 when in the United States, a group of terrorists kidnaped some planes, in order to make the attacks to the twin towers and the World Trade Center in New York and to the Pentagon in Washington, these attacks killed thousands of people.

Graduates of the International Business and European Affairs program can pursue careers in multinational or local business corporations (in strategy, management, marketing, purchasing or production job placements), government bodies, NGOs, international organizations and regional institutions.

Upon course completion students should be able to: Identify management issues, both physical & technical and managerial & behavioral, in global supply chains and logistics operations and relate them to key theories, models and concepts of supply chain management and modern business business

The team also works with a large network of experienced professionals from companies such as HSBC, M&S and KPMG, who take part in our innovative Nurturing Talent Mentor Scheme With around 140 places available, this scheme offers Business School students the chance to receive free one-to-one advice and mentoring for a year during their business

In a world without religion where everyone would be trying to get immediate satisfaction of their individual needs, meaning that all cultures would be individualist as they measure success in terms of their job and wealth and they are always aiming for a higher salary and position in the organizational hierarchy as a reward for their business