International Business Major

Tomorrow’s manager is a person successfully functioning in a complex international environment. This experience will really boost your career prospects; not only will you have an understanding of international business from another country’s perspective but it will give you the chance to become fluent in the language. International business professionals must develop a life-long commitment to learning about the world, its peoples, and their cultures.

The majority of jobs in international business involve sales and marketing – in a traditional employee role, on contract, or as an entrepreneur. There are five business tracks available, which require an additional 15 hours: the Chinese business track, Middle East and North Africa business track, European business track, South American business track or Eurasian business track. Your core courses will often include management, economics, marketing, and even business law.

The courses that follow after the first semester add additional perspectives and models that provide further, in depth insights into the practical and theoretical areas that are related to the broad field of international business. From beginning to end, the BSc IB will focus on the international business businessinternational business

Qualifying people for taking over responsibilities as managing professionals in social and business life is the aim members of our institution are sharing in our strive towards a continuously improving academic education. Moreover, the HEG has exchange agreements with many European, American and Asian business schools and universities. It also affects the physical location of the annual salary of the international business lawyer.

A person who wishes to professionally interact with international or foreign clients must face issues such as cultural differences, climate changes, language barriers, business practice variations and other possible conflicts. Different cultures have particular business communication styles, well accepted and adopted by their business