International Business Management Program (Postgraduate) (B411) At George Brown College In Toronto 2017

The BCIT Business Management certificate program offers you the most job-relevant business skills with flexible training to accommodate your busy schedule. Both horizontal and vertical integration is possible into further studies in business communication, business accounting, general management, marketing management, human resources management, credit management, information technology and entrepreneurship.

You will look at traditional costing methods and techniques, such as contribution volume profit analysis (CVP), budgeting, responsibility accounting, transfer pricing, and decision-making, alongside more innovative management tools, including activity based costing (ABC), activity based management (ABM), and the balanced management

You will consider which courses of action are most appropriate for particular management situations, and examine techniques used by managers to gain insights into situations and structure potential solutions to perceived problems, including concepts of non-linearity, self-organisation, creativity and management

Newcastle Business School has a global reputation for delivering some of the best business management education in the UK. We are part of an elite group of less than 1% of business schools worldwide with double accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in business and management

The module has a focus on business responsibility of all of those areas, concentrating on professional codes of conduct in areas such as the banking industry, accounting and similar finance areas, and the types of dilemmas that graduates could face in professional practice.