Master Of International Business

In the real world, International M.B.A.s deal with the competitive challenges and opportunities created by conducting business globally. Drawing on the specialist expertise of the Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds (CIBUL), one of the world’s leading research centres, you’ll explore entrepreneurship, organisational behaviour and the challenges of managing across cultures as well as the latest debates and discoveries in the business

You will learn how international markets work, how competition takes place in various industries, how laws and regulations made by governments, or institutions like the EU, affect companies, and how companies interact with their customers and competitors in different business

I believe that stereotypes based on religion have indeed been influenced by economical or political interests because religious differences have posed difficulties and limitations to governmental and business relationships given that each religion and culture has different perceptions regarding economic and political business

This is already happening and we’re finding that in Hollywood they are sending their outsourced animation work to India where a whole bunch of people work on software CAD/CAM machines in the animation field, and complete their work and send it all back by the end of their business day.

As we saw, the IATA through all its functions, day after day makes that international business become more efficient and safer, by the other hand, this organization is working very hard in the process of implement in all airlines worldwide better practices, in order to protect the environment.