MBA In Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence which consists of Dashboard Systems and Decision Support Systems has grown up during long time. Only 35% percent of organizations have standardized on one or a few business intelligence products throughout the company, according to InformationWeek’s 2014 Analytics, BI, and Information Management Survey The rest use different software and systems in different business intelligence

CSU-Global’s masters specialization or graduate certificate in business intelligence focuses on the latest techniques for collecting and analyzing statistical information, spotting trends, making projections, and helping to drive strategic plans to guide your organization to future intelligence

Prepare Better Data, Faster: More visualizations throughout the data prep process allows users to spot check data for quality issues and prototype analytic data, without switching in and out of tools or waiting until the very end to discover data quality problems.

The solution is to find reviews of business intelligence software but they usually just list down the names of famous brands of BI tools without even telling you what type of business intelligence software each one is. The key is therefore to familiarize yourself first of all with the basic types of business intelligence software that your business most probably intelligence

In a line Business Intelligence is set of theories and concepts which understand business completely, focus on a subject area, identify the problem area and provide an intelligence supported by a pure analytical dataset which results to a decision taken for the good of an organization.