Portland and my favorite park

PortlandOregonians or more like Portlanders are probably the most satisfied and coolest city inhabitants in the whole U.S. Here’s a tip if you want to fit in, (like me): love local coffee shops, being different (weird), go against popular name brands, and learn to love shopping at second hand stores, which is actually my favorite because you can find unique clothing for an awesome price.

Also, be prepared to love the beautiful weather we have 300 days of the year, I’m being sarcastic when I say that. Most of the time it’s overcast, drizzling, or raining. If you are lucky the weather will be really bipolar and do all three through out the day. Then a few days in the summer temperatures will reach 100 degrees and you will be begging for the rain. But all in all its actually quite lovely here, you learn to enjoy the rain and appreciate the sunny days. What ever you do never bring an umbrella out with you because that will be like holding a big sign saying I’m from out of town. Besides an umbrella here is pointless because most of the time we have bipolar weather so it will only rain for an hour then stop then go again. So a light rain jacket, hoodie, or hat will suffice.


Portland is really popular for being a city full of open-minded tree huggers. Wherever you go you will see lushes green trees waiting for your love, I just can’t get enough of it. One of the best and most convenient places to enjoy nature is Forest Park, which is ironic. Many Portland natives love to use this Garden of Eden for their morning jogs, dog walks, or bike rides.

Forest-Park-MapForest Park is set on the hills of the west side of the city, from downtown it only takes 10 minutes to get there by car. That’s being said with out traffic. This beautiful park overlooks the Willamette River that runs through the city and is known for being the largest urban forest park in the United States. The park has more than 70 miles of jogging and hiking trails, which will make you feel like you’re not even in a city. Here is a link to the Forest Park website, where you can find maps and tips of every trail.

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