Team Building Activities That Are Fun as Well as Beneficial

Many employees hate having to go on team building activities.  They stand around in a half empty sports hall being encouraged to untie each other from ropes.  Or, they’re asked to sit on chairs in a pseudo-therapy circle and asked to reveal your innermost feelings.  If your staff have ever attended a team building activity like this, it’s no wonder they’ve got a bad impression of them.  Instead of doing these mundane activities, why not take things further and create something exciting and fun?  The following ideas are all worth considering.

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Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have really increased in popularity over the last few years, and it’s likely your employees have done them in their own time.  However, they also make a fantastic team building activity.  Having to work together to escape a room before the zombies break it down, or finding the answers to puzzles before a bomb goes off – what’s not to love?  Escape rooms teach your employees how to communicate, lead, follow, think outside the box, and work together.  They’re fun and will also be beneficial for all who participate.


Planning a hunting trip for your employees is guaranteed to show them how much you appreciate them.  You could go for a day, or you could make a longer trip out of it if time allows.  Your employees will be taught how to handle weapons correctly, the importance of concentration, and also how working together leads to results.  If you want to take part in something closer to home, you could also look into doing a survival course, which involves camping, hunting your meat, and cooking it.  This can also be a lot of fun for groups.

Obstacle Course

Fit and active employees will love taking part in an outdoor obstacle course.  You could take them to a Go Ape center and see how they get on amongst the trees, or you could hire an inflatable course and make use of that for a day.  Obstacle courses teach the importance of taking things slowly, and how communicating with other team members leads to better results.  It’s not about finishing the course in the fastest time, it’s about getting everyone through it.

Cookery Workshop

Cookery workshops are fun and uplifting and sure to energize all of your employees.  They teach the importance of listening to instructions and thinking about things before rushing in and acting.  They also encourage slight competition while also showing that everyone can do a good job if they put their minds to it.  Cookery workshops are quite common all over the country, and they can be an especially good choice for groups and teams of different ages and interests.

Team building activities really don’t have to be mundane.  The above are just four ideas that you could consider but there really are many more.  If you can think of any others to add to this list, please let us know in the comments.