What Is Business Intelligence (BI)?

The development of business intelligence software can be traced back to 1865. One of the group commented that it’s important to have tools that liberate data (for the right reasons); but there are too many tools that, at the same time, also expose the data to abuse.” Another person agreed, tweeting that departmental data discovery tools enable line-of-business user insight, but some centralized control needs to be maintained.business intelligence

Todo ello, será muy útil para la implementación de soluciones BI/DW con la plataforma BI Open Source que está revolucionando el BI: Pentaho, con la que más trabajamos, junto con el desarrollo de soluciones Big Data, Social Intelligence y Smart Cities.business intelligencebusiness intelligence

This concept is not new, and in a lot of ways this is essentially what business intelligence is. The value comes in taking advantage of new Web 2.0 technologies embedded in many of the BI software vendor offerings to provide business users with multiple streams of information in a self-service environment.

To help with that, a growing number of organizations are replacing traditional waterfall development with Agile BI and data warehousing approaches that use Agile software development techniques to break up BI projects into small chunks and deliver new functionality to business analysts on an incremental and iterative basis.

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